Top 10 Seminary schools in Nigeria 2022

Top 10 Seminary schools in Nigeria.

This is a brief listing of top rated seminaries in Nigeria as of 2022, which teaches theology and responsible for training ministers and making sound teachers, also teaching people to better understand the scriptures, history and help them relate with God better.

This list does not carry all the seminary schools in Nigeria but top 10 believed to be good in what they do.

  1. West Africa Theological Seminary: This is a non denominational seminary, established in 1989, with the aim to train and teach pastors in the word of God. The school has now risen over the years to be one of the best seminaries found in Nigeria, they are situated in Lagos Nigeria.
  2. Nigeria Baptist Theological Seminary: This school also was established in year 1898, and has also proven to be one of the best seminaries in Nigeria, it is located in Ogbomosho Nigeria.
  3. ECWA Thelogical Seminary: Established in 1931, takes students from every and any denomination, and comes in two phase trainings.
  1. LIFE Theological Seminary: Established in year 1954, has also proven to be one of the best seminaries, so far training from different denomination men and women in knowing the full knowledge of God and the scriptures.
  2. Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary
  3. Seminary of All Saints
  4. Theological college of Nothern Nigeria
  5. Bigard Memorial Seminary
  6. SS Peter and Paul
  7. St Albert The Great Major Seminary
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